Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros
en Topografía, Geodesia y Cartografía



R&D Observatory

The UPM R&D Observatory groups includes several research databases such as Research Groups, Annual Reports, Researchers, etc.

It also includes tools to facilitate statistical analyzes, generation of graphs, comparisons, etc.

https://www.topografia.upm.es/Investigacion/ObservaIDi esp


Research Preparations

The research works at ETSI en Topografía Geodesia y Cartografía is focused on the PhD Program of Doctorade on Geomatic Engineering.

https://www.topografia.upm.es/Investigacion/FormaInves esp


Research Structure


Educative Innovation Activities

https://www.topografia.upm.es/Investigacion/Innova  esp


Research News

https://www.topografia.upm.es/Investigacion/NotInves  esp